Another 5K of Company Share

It’s a benefit part of my post here in NJ to hold the company share given by the Management. In a special meeting with ‘Uncle’ Chua last week (see… I influenced by the people to also call the GM as uncle! 🙂 ), he gave me a piece (actually 3 pieces) of paper to sign in for the ownership of 5K units of company’s shares. Each unit priced at $0.80 (follow the price at the date it was given). As the previous 5K shares hold in 2006, it also can exercised 2 years after given to the share holder (last year the price unit of 5K was at $1.13). Meaning, I can only excercised them out the 1st 5K in 2008 and the 2nd 5K in 2009. It will be good to exercise when the price market is higher than the holding share.

The above dropping down chart may causes by the aggresive penetration of Jurong HiTech to position themselves in the world subcon market. As I’ve known, the Brazil and Thailand factories were acquited last year and the building of mega factory in Nusajaya recently are the 2 factors which pull down the capital and also impacted to the stock price as well. I believe more factors were there, but I can’t be sure of it.

In the coming years, I do believe the positive trend of chart will be there because of the build of the own products (such of the LCD TV, video phone, VoIP device, illumination light, bluetooth wireless headset and many more) and also by the integration of their facilities in Nusajaya where the goals were mentioned here last year.

More detail of history stock can bee seen in the Jurong HiTech website. At this point of time, all I can do is to growing up together with the company.


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